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5 Ways to Keep Your Tenants Happy

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Every minute that your property sits empty it’s costing you money. As a landlord it’s important to have long term, reliable tenants – tenant turnover costs you time, effort, and money. Reducing turnover expenses by keeping good tenants longer helps you to be a more profitable landlord. So here are our top tips on how to keep your tenants happy! 1) It’s nice to be nice Small gestures of goodwill go a long way. We send all of our tenants birthday and Christmas cards which goes down really well. You could also offer welcome packs when they move in, and even send a bottle of wine after quarterly inspections (if they go well!) to thank them for their time and the access to the property. Being courteous and respectful goes a long way to make a tenant feel comfortable in the property, and the more it feels like home to them the longer they’re likely to stay. 2) Upgrade work Think about what kind of property you’d like to live in and make sure you provide your tenants with the same. Don’t wait for them to move out until you make any cosmetic changes – if something needs repainting do it, or if the carpet is looking old consider having it professionally cleaned. Why wait for your good tenant to leave because the bathroom needs upgrading, they will probably stay if you do the work whilst they are there and the rent being paid will help towards the works. 3) Maintenance Try and attend to all maintenance issues within 72 hours. If it’s an emergency such as the hot water no longer works or the heating is broken we aim to attend within 4 hours. It’s really important to have reliable contractors to work with to make sure you can always make timely repairs. If you use a property manager agree a works limit so they can act quickly if needed. 4) Respect their privacy Your property is now your tenants home. Try to keep disruption to a minimum, only accessing the property when absolutely necessary. If you do have to disturb them make sure to give proper notice. 5) Communication Be available to speak to your tenants as and when they need you. If they report a problem don’t leave it days or weeks without responding to them. We look for reliable, responsive and respectful tenants and so we ensure we treat them the same way in all of our dealings with them. If you haven't got time to offer effective communication then use an agent to manage the property for you.


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