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Under Construction - Oldham

A little video we made for our investors walking them through the development so far. This is a Commercial to Residential conversion we are doing with them in Oldham, turning an old finance building into 2 x 2 bed 2 baths, 1 x 1 bed 1 bath and 2 x studio apartments.

PP: £95,000.00

Refurbishment: £75,500.00

Gross Income: £3,705.00 pcm

Nett Income: £1,712.56 pcm

Estimated Revaluation: £250,000.00

Capital Left In at 75% LTV: £8,140.00

ROI : 252.47%

Nett Yield : 8.22%

Email if you'd like to find out more about this project.


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