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Why invest in property in Failsworth?

Failsworth its all about the location, location, location. It's incredibly easy to access central Manchester from, but without the hefty price tag that comes with city centre living.

Fantastic transport links

Many residents work in Manchester, choosing to live in the area because of its transport links which include the Metrolink tram service from Failsworth Metrolink station . At peak times, trams run every 6 minutes towards East Didsbury via central Manchester and towards Rochdale or Shaw and Crompton via Oldham, at off-peak times trams run every 12 minutes to East Didsbury and Rochdale. Other easy to reach destinations are Ashton-under-Lyne, Chadderton, Huddersfield, Rochdale, Royton, Saddleworth and Shaw and Crompton via the frequent buses running through the area.

Local amenities

There are two large supermarkets, Aldi and Tesco, and a parade of local shops, including the post office, cobblers and chemist.

Green space

There is a large country park Daisy Nook,  located on land mostly belonging to the National Trust which is a popular destination for visitors walking, horse riding, fishing and other outdoor pursuits. Woodhouse Gardens in Failsworth is a really lovely area, albeit slightly more expensive,  for those wanting the peace and quiet of village life but with easy access to everything when needed.

Property prices

Property prices around Failsworth range from £70k to £125k for 2/3 bed terraced houses making them great houses for converting to shared accommodation, although prices do continue to rise.

Our HMO in Failsworth

We converted this run down residential house into a 4 bed house share, giving our investor a much greater return than a single let. Located 2 minutes from the Metro and close to the town centre the property is in a sought after location.


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